Mobile Number Portability in India To Switch Operators Every 3 Months

Mobile Number Portability in India To Switch Operators Every 3 Months

Even though Haryana, a north Indian state had MNP way back in November 2010, the plan to roll out this feature nationwide has taken a bit of more time than expected.

Well, you can’t just go into any desired service provider outlet and change your service provider. There are a few steps to be followed.

Firstly you need to get a port number to change your service provider. Lets go through these steps:mobile number portability india MNP

You need to send an SMS to 1900 in the below given format: PORT your-10-digit-mobile-number.
You will get a reply that holds a unique porting code.
Several mobile service providers would give out different service numbers to enable MNP, whose numbers will be advertised. So, send this ‘unique porting code’ to your desired service provider number. This code will be valid only for a few days. And if it expires, you can again get another unique porting code by following Step 1.
As soon as you send the porting code, your existing service provider will contact the new service provider. If you do not have any dues or pending problems with your mobile number, then the porting process will commence.
You will get the details when the Mobile Number Portability for your presently used mobile number will be activated.
As stated in the earlier post, MNP process will take place within 4 days after you pay a little fee of Rs.19(Read the detailed process).
After porting is done and complete, your service provider will send an SMS that the process is complete and you are their customer now. Your phone might be dead and inoperable when the process starts. This might be for 2 hours maximum.

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