SEO Plugins & Addons Every Blogger and Webmaster Need To Have On FireFox Browser

SEO Plugins & Addons Every Blogger and Webmaster Need To Have On FireFox Browser

Many bloggers and internet marketers are well aware of WordPress and other CMS blogging platforms. As this site runs on prestigious WordPress CMS platform, I am considerately knowledgeable on how to tweak the blog for more traffic and SEO benefits. But, I can’t just start a blog, write quality content and sit like a duck expecting traffic to arrive without any efforts put in. There are more than hundred thousand pages being added to the blogosphere everyday. If my site has to be known to the general public through search engines I need to do a little bit more work, which I do, but not consistently. So, my blog’s traffic is consistent not monstrous. But, I wish to share the techniques I use to search for more ways to increase the traffic.

Lets read on.

Every blogger and webmaster is aware of how important a no-follow or do-follow terminology is. We need do-follow blogs to comment on and many bloggers wish to provide a space to comment if our comment is honest and related to their post on which we are commenting on.

Search Status

So, in order to find do-follow blogs, I use a FireFox addon called “SearchStatus”. This plugin when installed in the browser highlights a no-follow link on that particular webpage which is opened. This lets you know that its a no-follow page which does not play vital role in SEO but good in terms of increasing your network.

Second most important plugin is called “SEO Toolbar”. Install it and you get tons of features which require at least 15 minutes to research manually in a single mouse-click. The options this plugin provides start from showing PR, Alexa rank of a webpage to highly advanced features like Whois info, number of cached pages of a particular website, No. of .edu links pointing to the site and many many more. You need to have this in your arsenal if you are looking out for SEO research.

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