How to Find If Your Forum Member Profile Links are Publicly Visible For Search Engines or NOT

How to Find If Your Forum Member Profile Links are Publicly Visible For Search Engines or NOT

Well, that was a long title. But, I think it serves the purpose by capturing your attention. So, you are on the way to increase your backlinks by creating tons of profile backlinks on several hundred forums. That’s good to hear. Because these backlinks whether do-follow or no-follow will definitely help you in the long run. A sincere suggestion would be to create these at regular intervals so that search engines do not think that you are just fooling around by creating tons of backlinks on a jump along basis. You can’t fool search engines always, so better be consistent than be sorry later on.

So, lets get to know how you can analyze the forum backlinks to check whether they are publicly visible or not.

But, why should they be publicly visible in the first case? A backlink is a backlink whether its public or not, isn’t it?

No, it is not. A publicly visible backlink is more appreciated than a backlink on a dynamically generated page. So, how to find out? The process is simple.

Go to any forum of your choice. Yes, any forum which you are planning to get a backlink from but are confused whether the profile backlink is publicly visible or not thereby affecting the search engine rankings.
Ok, so you are on the forum now. Can you see any members’ names at the bottom of the forum stating that these people are online?
Good, there are a few online. Click on any member’s userid.
Are you able to see their profile with their backlink on it? Are you atleast able to see their profile? So, is the profile visible to you, that is, for general public?
Then, congrats. You have found a forum profile which allows a backlink and also is publicly visible for people and search engines alike.

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