Types of Marketing Agency

Types of Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency

There are many marketing agencies who offer different services which one can identify when outsourcing their work. In this article, we are going to be discussing marketing agencies and their specialisation for one to make the right decision.


Advertising agencies can create, develop and produce advertising campaigns which include print, TV, Radio, billboard, etc. These agencies try to ensure that your business is being recognised by the public when it comes to a certain product or services that you provide.


Brand agencies specifically focus on the development of brand identities, company names, visual identity, etc. They undertake market research to help with the development of the brand. The brand agencies incorporate designs, and the process requires visual identity, which also includes the logo. Brand development agency should be your choice when you are starting up with an existing business or re-branding.



Design agency provides graphic design services where they can convert your brand and provide you with a visual form of messages. There will be certain messages which can help one design a logo as the artwork on accessories or packaging.

Digital/ Online Marketing

Digital or online marketing agencies are concerned with marketing-related problems which require you to get access to the internet. They try to focus on maximising the number of visitors to a company which can allow people to engage their potential customers on a certain site. Most often than not, you will also see that digital agencies can provide email marketing services.

Market Research

Marketing research agencies design can be carried out on a report which requires analysis of research in favour of a company. These research can be qualitative, quantitate, filed work, etc.


Media agency specialises in planning and buying advertising space where people can incorporate their clients business. This is a role which is often provided by the advertising agency.

Public Relations

PR agencies are concerned with making sure that the company and its products are being mentioned in media outlets for getting the right information about the company to potential customers. They generally focus on generating free editorials which are set for the paid advertising.

Social Media



Social media has a lot of reach, and agencies are using social media to help build and maintain a good business presence on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google and youtube.

Web Design

Web design agencies help build, develop, and host websites which most agencies can help provide with digital, online and social media marketing services.

A marketing agency is a term which is used to describe a lot of other services which refers to an agency who develops a marketing strategy to help promote your business to the right audience.

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