How To Write a Quality SEO Blog

How To Write a Quality SEO Blog

Seo writing entails a lot of things; you can just sit in front of your pc and write the first idea that pops in your head. For your SEO blog to be successful, certain rules, regulations and practices must blend smoothly. Seo skills help you write a blog post which makes people see you just like their keyword searches.

It takes real expertise to research and narrow down main keywords that people search most on the web, then sitting down to write a quality article based on keywords researched. If you are a new in this blogging industry, this article gives tips that explain meticulously and stepwise on how to write an SEO blog . Check out below tips to help you write SEO friendly content for your blog.  Publication was made successful thanks to the Sirlinksalot SEO blog.

keyword research

well, before you start writing a blog that needs SEO, perform a keyword research. Just input your selected keyword or keywords on the search engine and let the result guide your next step. The keyword result will help you to know exactly other sorts of information that uses your top. Keyword researching will also help you find out what are other closely related keywords that are competitive with less quality yet well ranked.

Use your keywords

The next step, after carefully, researching the keywords, use hems organically in your article writing. Place the keyword on your article title professionally that your blog article title takes the attention of the reader. Well prepared title will make the reader wish to read the more. Let it fit well in your article body and Meta tags in a way that don’t look fluff or people will realize and not ready anyway.

Make the blog engaging

Use attention magnet words to keep your readers hooked to read the more. Interesting article that is grammatical will always win many. Moderate your tone, so that your keywords and other information remains at equilibrium. Know your readers’ age and status so that you do not write something that is biased or may offend or hurt some people. Some people are observant, others self-centred, and a few dynamic beware.

Use readable short sentences and paragraphs

Use short sentences and sweet to read sentences. Few sentences in a graph makes the blog much readable. An article with complex sentences and syntax errors will always scare away your readers. People also hate reading hard to understand words in the blog. The best way to lure readers to your trap is using interesting short case study instead of going direct to the point.

Proofread your work

Proofreading is paramount. If possible, let someone proofread on your behalf. It is sometimes hard to see a grammatical fault or issue in your work. As you should know, no one is perfect; we all practice to make accuracy. If possible, use grammar and spell-check tools like Grammarly and Microsoft word.


You can research for more tips which can help ensure the SEO article you write wins many clients and drive target customers to your blog. As you write your SEO blogs, remember that the article you write can draw traffic leads to your blogs and a slight mistake can also hurt your services you are promoting.

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